To talk about “empanadas” is to talk about history.

The first references about empanadas date back to ancient Persia, centuries before Christ and later they became  part of the Spanish medieval cuisine.

The word “empanada” comes from Spain and derives from the word “bread” according to some historians. It is probable that the first empanadas were simply breads, hollowed out and filled with some sort of stew, and later were elaborated with their stuffing inside, cooking them in the oven.

 Each culture, country or region makes them a certain way following their original recipes, which have been transmitted from generation to generation over time. 

Our specialty is Argentine empanadas. You can enjoy them at a barbecue or a get together if you visit Argentina, where you will also discover different preparations according to the region you are visiting.

When we started to make Argentinian empanadas here in California, we found several obstacles to achieve the authentic Argentine flavor. We were not trying to make empanadas from a particular region of Argentina; in fact we were trying to make a standard empanada.

We knew that the key was in the ingredients we used and their quality, but we discovered that these ingredients were similar in the recipe but they didn’t have the same flavor in the final result.

Then, we decided to create our own recipe, trying to find “our true flavor”. One of our goals was to achieve that the people who tried them once, after that, would begin to identify with them.

The task was not easy at all, nor was it a short process. It took several months of many hours of preparation, combination of ingredients, alternatives, cooking trials and we gained several pounds in the process which finally led us to discover “our true flavor” and “the special recipe”.

After that came the moment to introduce them to others. For that, we organized events, empanada parties, delivered them to offices, and shared them with our family and friends, achieving incredible feedback.

 Now it’s time to share them with you, so you can experience that sensation for yourselves.  So that you can cook them at home , discover the harmony of their ingredients, their juices and the freshness of the dough.

When you take one bite you will discover the “the explosion of flavor”, and after that you will have the imperious need to eat one more, and one more… and at that moment you will become part of our family.

Our goal and commitment is bring to you the best product.

We’re rely on:
• Homemade Products
• Dedication and hard work